Friday, December 17, 2010

My End of Year Resolutions

With 14 days and a few hours still left of 2010, there some things I have yet to do. I am not a fan of New Year's resolutions, because you begin all optimistic, and by January 10th you've already done that which you said you would not do, or you have not started that which you said you would start.

So, I've given some thought to this (not much), and there are some things I will do before 2010 comes to an end.

1. I will stay away from my On-Line life. I will eventually check my e-mail and my facebook accounts, and I will continue to write on my Blog, but I will not spend entire days online (like I did today--since 6 a.m. until 8 p.m., and I have yet no plans to turn off my laptop...).

2. I will read two books: One in German (fables and children's stories, it's the best I can do so far) and one in English or Spanish (courtesy of Federico Kleen). Options include The Da Vinci Code (I have both the Spanish and English versions), or a trashy, Pearl-type romance novel (Danielle Steel, gotta love her), also both in English and in Spanish. Please understand me, its the best I can do for good books in Germany. My books were left in Colombia, and the English/Spanish section of the bookstore is not amazingly entertaining; and when it is, a book costs 40 Euros! I would much rather buy another jacket with that money. Hint hint on a possible Christmas gift: a Gift Card from an Online Bookstore!!

3. I will cook more often--that is, if Honey lets me. He really enjoys cooking. But, once in a while, he lets me do it--in which case I suggest a hamburger (ha ha, not a Hamburger! That will never get old...) or a pizza. But when my turn to cook comes, I will cook. From scratch.

4. I will take a shower every day, regardless of how cold it might be. I will stop complaining, and I will jump into the shower and just do it. It's funny, though: I hate having to shower, but I do enjoy showering...

5. I will look pretty for every single remaining day of 2010, just for Cris and Cata. I will try to take a daily pic, but I can't promise that (Honey hates pics, and thus my pics are limited...). I won't promise I won't wear three or four Winterunterhosen, but I do promise I will look cute every day. Cata will be able to prove this at least one day of the remaining 14...

6. I will speak more German with Honey. Not all day, not all the time, but I will try to squeeze in more sentences auf Deutsch. He is really good with the rules, so I can learn a lot from him.

7. I will stop stressing about silly things. I will frown less. I will smile more. I will laugh more. I will try not to laugh until I pee, but if that were to happen, I will feel happy about it (and I will try not to actually pee). I will be more relaxed, and I will have more fun.

8. I will try to eat less chocolate. Please note I only stated chocolate in this statement. This promise/resolution has nothing to do with any other kind of Süssigkeiten like gummi bears, pies, cakes, cookies, etc., usw.

9. I will not spend money on unnecessary things (and yes, an ice-cream is necessary)--I will not purchase things just because I have money (it's a complicated thing, money. When you don't have any, you yearn the days when you did have it... but when you have it [or when I have it],  you yearn the days when you didn't have any...). I will save money, and I will not get driven into this crazy consumerist time of year. Any unnecessary purchases will be made in January.

10. I will write a New Year's Resolution List for 2011, and I will attempt to stick to it. I will write it on my Blog, to make it official, and so the World (ha ha, because the World reads me) will be able to keep me ship-shape on my duties.

Ok. I'm about to start with No. 1. I'm loging off, and hoping not to come back too soon. And if I do come back soon, I hope it won't be for too long.


  1. Qué haré yo por lo menos para que por los catorce días que quedan del 2010 no me se aguen los ojitos cuando leo tu blog... no puedo, me encanta lo que leo, me conmueve, me hacen aguar los ojitos. Natal, of course lo que mas me gusta es que estos 14 días vas a sonreir mas y te vas a reir mas... wow, como te he educado de bien.