Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Let the World Know...

Let the Wold know that I played Handball.

(Don't let the World know that it was not really Handball per se, but rather a training session. In my defense, it lasted two hours, and it was pretty intense.)

Let the World know I did it. I managed it. I achieved it.

Let the World know I won't do it again, not because I can't, but because I choose not to.

(Don't let the World know that I choose not to do it because I am a big, fat, lazy cow. Or a big, fat, lazy walrus. Or a big, fat, lazy [insert huge, big, fat, lazy animal].)

Let the World know that I did it.

(Don't let the World know that I am in unfathomable pain, that I can barely move my legs, that I have taken two pain killers --Nini, chill, anything remotely good is not sold over the counter, Schade...--, applied muscle-relaxing ointment, and have slept almost 12 hours trying to make the pain go away. Also, don't let the World know it has not gone away.)

Let the World know I am awesome, and strong, and totally determined: When I want something, I have it. When I say I will do something, I do it.

Let the World know I am also quite clever: I never said I would play Handball for the rest of my life, so I am not failing if I don't. I also never said I wanted to be a Handball Pro or Champion; so if I don't become one, I am also not failing.

Let the World know I exceeded my expectations.

(Don't let the World know I also greatly disappointed myself at seeing my absolute lack of upper-body strength.)

Let the World know I suck at Handball--but let the World know that the ladies at the THV Kiel Mannschaft are the most amazing, skilled, athletic and nice group of women you will ever meet. Usually, women in packs are mean and evil, and looking for ways to kick you. Not these girls--and let me assure you, should they ever want to kick you, they could oh-so-easily do it. Fear the THV Kiel Girls Mannschaft.

While we're at it... you know, letting the World know things...

Let the World know, I am tired of chocolate. Please! No. More. Chocolate. Ever. (Ever means, like, for two weeks...) The German holidays are amazing, but, bitte, there are other Süssigkeiten in the World other than chocolate. Americans get two points for that. They have the whole candy-cane thing, and the fruity candy, and cotton candy, and the marshmellows... Germans have Gummibärchen. Why didn't I get more of those?

Let the World know, I have not fulfilled my Remainder-of-the-Year Promises. But I am not ashamed. I am only human. Next year, I will have resolutions that are more achievable. Like, showering once a day--that will totally be limited to showering before I smell so bad I can hardly stand it. TMI? Sorry.

Let the World know that Honey is either the most amazing, fantastic, wonderful, caring and giving man in the Universe, or the most sadistic, self-pain-inflicting (is there a word for that? I can't seem to find it...) person in the Universe... He got me for Christmas Harry Potter 1, Harry Potter 2, Harry Potter 3, Harry Potter 4, Harry Potter 5, Harry Potter 6, and the promise to buy Harry Potter 7 when it comes out on Blu-Ray, and the promise so watch Harry Potter 7.5 (or Harry Potter 8, as you wish) when it comes out next year, close to my birthday--but that shall not interfere at all with my birthday gift, since it counts as part of my Christmas gift for 2010.

(Don't let the World, or Honey, know that he had no idea he was promising so much when he bought the first 6 movies as a sign of his appreciation for my love and passion for Harry, of which he not only disapproves, but is also against. He is a Twilight fan. Bless his heart...)

Let the World know that my birthday gifts (only 6 months and 14 days for my birthday!) should be winter clothing and accessories suitable for winter. I refuse to go through another winter (because this one, although it has barely begun, is already past for all accounts and purposes) with only two coats, two fleece jackets, two pairs of boots, and one pair of gloves (in Honey's defense, he gave me a second pair, but I seem to have lost them... Sorry, Honey). A girl needs variety, options, colors. And a bigger closet.

Let the World know that I aced my Orientierungskurs Prüfung! 25 out of 25--oh yeah! Somewhere, Angela Merkel is congratulating herself on having granted me a visa. She knows she is only so lucky to have me in her country.

Let the World know that we're going Schlittenfahren tomorrow. Pictures to come, of course. And I will look at the videos Honey took of me playing Handball. Should they prove to be not too embarrassing, I will consider posting them.

Let the World know (and inform my family, because apparently they don't read my Blog) that Santa Claus is travelling to Barranquilla today, via Hamburg-Paris-Bogotá-Medellín-Barranquilla, and should be finally leaving Christmas presents some time within the next couple of weeks under the tree. For the first time Nini will get presents from the 3 Kings! Aw, she is so Catholic. Ha!

Let the World know that I have the coolest, most awesome Treffen in Hamburg early next year. After bragging about my amazing country to Hamburgers (that joke will never get old!), they finally get to brag about their country and parade me around. Katrin, Isa, Chrissy, ich freue mich auf unsere Treffen!!

And, well, let the World know that I am going to sleep. My poor body, in pain, yearns for rest--and the pain killers and the Schlafen Tee are helping that yearning yearn. Oh, yeah, let the World know (but most importantly, let My Sister know) that I now drink tea. I think I am officially an adult.

(Don't let the World know, or Nini, for that matter, that I don't particularly enjoy drinking tea. I just like the way I look while I'm drinking it. Like such an adult, so sophisticated...)

I guess I just let the World know that I'm shallow.


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  1. sweeeeeety, I am so proud of you ;))))))))))))))))) Can't wait to see you again here in Hamburg!!!! big hugs and happy new year celebrations xxxxxxxxxxxxx isa