Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's the end of the world as we know it

I do believe that the end of the world is neigh.

Craters are popping up--or rather, making holes in Germany and in Guatemala. Our world is falling down, quite literally. I wonder if these peep holes into The Underworld are tearing apart all the myths, stories and ideas about Hell. I really don't see all the levels of Hell Dante has described... that may mean that either I'm not looking closely enough, or that the holes aren't that deep after all.

I mention this crater thingy specifically because it amazes me; but we are all well aware of the other environmental issues affecting our world. What's funny and sad about all that, is that we CAN do something about it, but we choose not to.

However, our socio-economic-political environment is also changing--and quite drastically.

Argentina became the first Latin American country to legally approve gay marriage. Although I have to admit I am scandalized, I salute and congratulate the fact that a person's choice of life partner remains precisely that: a person's choice. No law should tell me who I can or cannot spend the rest of my life with. My view on marriage is quite simple: If you are lucky enough to find some idiot who is willing to put up with you and all your crap, PLEASE marry him/her! Colombia is slowly moving forward with this notion: the Mayor (?) of Chapinero, a locality in Bogotá (yeah... I have no idea what that means) got married to her life partner this week. That one can choose whom to love, and whom to spend one's life with is a basic right, just like the right to live. I am pro-choice, btw...

Eighteen countries in the world are led by women--the most recent election was held this weekend, when Dilma Rouseff was elected as the first female president in Brazil. Not only a woman: also a former guerrilla member, Rouseff spent three years in jail and is quite the liberal. I guess she has everything against her--or on her side. I salute Rouseff for having a clean campaign (as far as I could see in the German news), and for having a campaign slogan better than "I'm a woman, so I deserve your vote", unlike our past presidential candidate, Noemí Sanín. Just because you're a woman, does not mean you're entitled to something--especially not the presidential office. (We are entitled to chocolate, FYI, just because we're women)

The dollar and the euro are constantly fighting; the yen fell after oh-so-many-years of leading the markets, China and the devaluated yuan are taking over the world, the Colombian peso is gaining weight and strength...

My President and Mr. Chávez are in agreement; we actually signed agreements and all.

Americans (or Californians, rather...) voted to see whether or not the recreational use of marihuana should be legalized... it wasn't. Or it didn't pass... I still haven't made a decision as to what I think about this, both the attempt to legalize marihuana and the not passing of the law. But I am glad that Americans are reacting to a serious problem in their country--which in turn affects a whole lot of other nations. Mine, for instance.

The end of the world is neigh.

And to be honest, I can't wait for it to come soon enough! Because the end of the world as we know it is coming to an end.

Finally, the end of the world where only men and women can get married. The end of the world where only men are capable, apt and fit to lead a nation. The end of a world led only by two coins. The end of a world where Presidents/Dictators (I'm referring to one veeeeery specific person) aid guerrillas and terrorists. The end of the world where the people are not asked but told what to do.

If only we could fix the environmental thingy, it would be awesome.

But I am anxiously awaiting for this new world to come along.

And that's why I eat chocolate: becaue when I'm anxious, I crave. :-)

PS: I realize I made several grammatical mistakes, quite unlike me. I should not start a sentence with a number, and no sentence should end with a preposition. But I'm late in going to the gym, and if I don't go NOW, I'll lose my momentum... I could pretend to be testing your English skills, and just say, "Can you find my five grammatical mistakes?" Yeah... let's go with that one. :-)

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  1. Apparently, the whole 2012-end-of-the-world thing isn't a sham, entirely. Word on the spiritual planes is the Earth will undergo/is undergoing a monumental shift from a world of suffering to a world of regeneration.

    So, in a way, it WILL be the end of the world as we know it :)

    But don't quote me on any of this, that would just make me a crazy person :)