Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gone with the wind...

For the past week or so, I've been trying to think about something witty to write about the wind. Since I've come up with nothing so far, I'll attempt to explain my current situation as best as possible.

You see, we've all experienced a windy moment. Maybe you've been on a cliff and felt the wind push you back; or maybe you've ridden in a convertible and you've felt the wind make your face-fat wobble; maybe you live in a windy city and you've experienced the wind push you sideways...

I live in a windy city; and it is currently windy season in this windy city... can you imagine how windy it is? I continually experience this aweful, mean, unfair wind pushing me back as I try to ride uphill. It's terrible! And I've always wondered, if there is wind pushing me back, holding me back, that is, there must be wind blowing not against but with me, and thus propelling me forward. I kept asking about that wind, and wondering whether or not it existed.

Well, the Wind Gods got tired of my questioning of their will and powers and showed me, up close and personal, what a propelling wind feels like.

Leaving our apartment, I have four choices: downhill to what I consider to be south, downhill to what I consider to be east, downhill to what I consider to be west, and no-hill to what I consider to be north. (Of course, coming back home is not the most pleasant of experiences... it is only made bearable by the fact that Honey is there, and more than likely is waiting for me with the heating on.)

I'm always cold. I won't go into that again. It is only automn, and I'm already wearing Honey's winter jacket (about 5 sizes to big for me; oh gosh, am I sexy or what!?), and of course I wear rain-pants because windy season also implies rainy season (although it seems to be always rainy season here). I look so ridiculous, my student actually pointed it out.

Not that I want to diverge from the Wind Gods story, but this was actually an interesting exchange:

Student: Ha, you look like a sail.
Me: (a little offended) Do you mean I look like a seal? (I thought he was comparing me to a fat, lazy walrus.)
Student: No, like a sail, like the boats have.
Me: What?
Student: Yes, like a sail, a little wind will come and you will blow away...

So, the Wind Gods. On my way to his house, down-hill east, I met this crazy propelling wind. It was terrifying! With the wind that pushes against you, you have to be strong and keep on. With this wind propelling you, you have to try stop, and more than likely, if you're me, you won't achieve it; you have to be careful not to move, because if you move, the wind will catch one of your "sails" and blow you away. I don't know what's worse now, which wind I am more afraid of. Even walking I feel like I just might be gone with the wind...

In any case, my classes are over, so I don't have to ride my bike to school every day. I don't go back until the 6th of December. I do, however, have to teach my English lessons. Maybe I will ask him, a strong Handball-playing German, to come to my house. I bet he can handle a little wind.

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