Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Let's wait to be discovered...

Everything I see that I like, I add as birthday or Christmas present to my wish list - whichever is closer. So far, my birthday wish-list (29 days and counting...) includes a squirrel, a cat, a dog, a garden, a bird with blue and black feathers (no idea what it's called), a full-grown cherry tree, cherries, strawberries, a liposuction (or better yet, the magical disappearance of my fat), skittles (I added those today, thanks to Irina), and my glallbladder. Yes, I'd like my gallbladder back, please.

Honey hears me say that I want something more on my wish-list and gets a little annoyed. He gets that some things are just a joke - or, well, things that I want, but that I don't really want. Like the full-grown cherry tree thingy: seriously? Who wants a full-grown cherry tree in a tiny apartment? I want the cherries, of course; but the cherry-tree is just me being Veruca Salt, you know?

Also, mostly, what I really want I purchase for myself, by myself. Because I can.

Honey, on the other hand, has a short but unbelievably expensive list of things he really wants. And he really, really wants them. His list, although shorter than mine, costs more than all my items put together. You see, he wants to fish in Germany. But in order to (legally) fish in Germany, you must have a license to do so; and in order to have the license, you have to take a course; and in order to take the course, you have to buy the equipment. All in all, you need about 500 Euros. Then, Honey also wants a motorcycle. Let's just pretend, for a second, for fun, humor me, that we have a super big bike downstairs, parked, waiting for us to use it, all paid up and in his name. In order to drive a bike in Germany, you have to have a bike license; in order to have the license, you need to take the course; in order to take the course, you need to register and pay, up front, 100 Euros. By the time you finally get your license, you will have paid about 1000 Euros. Yes, I did write one thousand Euros. That's a whole lotta dollars. But now Honey also wants to Kite surf - aside from the fact that the kite surfing equipment costs 1000 Euros (again, one thousand Euros!!), you need to take a course to have a license thingy.

My full-grown cherry tree in the living room of our tiny apartment seems like a good idea now, doesn't it?

We've been talking about his hobbies/wishlist as a joke for the past couple of days; all our savings are destined to purchasing tickets to spend Christmas in Colombia - any Christmas, because at the rate we're going, it seems as though it might be 2013... So really, we don't have spare savings for a kite, or a fishing rod, or a bike. Or a cherry tree, full-grown or otherwise.

But today I finally got the nerve to say, "At the rate you're going, imaginarily spending your savings, I can see I'll just have to buy myself a ring one day!"

He got it. He came close to me and kissed me. He smiled. His smile said, "You know, that might actually be a good idea..."

He quickly brushed that thought away, and proceeded to say:

Don't worry about a thing. We'll just wait until Red Bull discovers me. For the time being, I will buy a little lame kite-surfing starter-set, and one day Red Bull will discover me, kiting along in a remote island in the Baltic Sea, and then we'll be able to afford a really awesome kiting set. Yeah - let's just wait to be discovered.

I guess the only thing I can say here is, thanks for including me in your imaginary discovery, Honey!

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