Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My European Lifestyle

This post is dedicated to my dear friends Cris, Cata and Luisa, who knew that one day I would adapt to the European Lifestyle - and stop wearing winter panties in German-Warm-Weather. It only took me 10 months!

My European lifestyle dictates that every day is a good day to wear a skirt. What I wear under the skirt depends on the weather. But also, every day is a good day for rain - so I always carry a European-style, fashionable rain coat.

My European lifestyle dictates that, when possible, riding my bike to and from Uni is not only environmentally-conscious, but also fashionable, sporty and sexy. Also, every day is a "possible bike-riding day". Also, as above, every day is skirt-day, and every day is rain-day.

My European lifestyle dictates that curls are in - because so few Germans have them. Also, volume is in, and the more the merrier. Since, as above stated, every day is rain-day, frizz and humidity beautify my voluminous curls all the more.

My European lifestyle dictates that hair dye is super cheap - and also, it's quite often on sale. For 1.99 Euros, I will gladly dye my hair any color my European lifestyle tells me I should.

My European lifestyle dictates that, when in doubt, dinner can always be something simple, quick, something like Paella, or a Schnitzel, or Bratwürstchen. You know, no need to work too hard to make lentils, red kidney beans or potatoes. Also, baking a cake is as possible as it raining - so every day is bake-a-cake-day.

My European lifestyle dictates that I wake up early and go to bed late - the sun is out, shining; the wind blows warm breeze (sometimes), and since I only get three months of this European-style-lovely-weather, I must enjoy it as much as possible. Also, my European lifestyle dictates that everything above 15°C is warm; anything above 20°C is hot; and anything (if ever!) above 25°C is just ungodly.

My European lifestyle dictates that I go to the beach during the warm spring/summer days - even if I have to wear a neoprene suit to avoid freezing to death.

However, my European lifestyle also dictates that I should have the unexplainable desire to catch a plane an go somewhere. That is when my Barranquillera lifestyle kicks in, and I just want to go home.


  1. Thanks for the post! I am glad that you are finally enjoying the weather changes, and becoming more adapted to having seasons :D. I am sure this winter will not be as hard to you as the last one. Hugs and enjoy the nice sunny days that are coming :)

  2. I hope the Luisa in the dedication is me. If not, I am totally stealing the credit. Heeheee.

    I hear your woes on the weather dear. I am glad you are finding a positive lens to capture it through.