Monday, June 6, 2011

Tomato, tomahtoe

Honey was born in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia. Bogotá is 2600 m above sea level, on the Centran Andean Mountain Range. It's always cold in Bogotá; during the "winter season", it's like the stereotypical London picture: grey, muggy, rainy, cold, ugly. But during the "summer season", it's like perpetual spring: warm during the day (20°C/68 F) and cold at night (may go down to 10°C/50 F). There is no water, except for some lame water parks two hours away, and some cheap streams.

I, on the other hand, was born on the beautiful Caribbean coast of Colombia, in Barranquilla, Golden Gate to my country. Between the Caribbean Sea and the Magdalena River, and the countless country clubs, I can't actually remember a holiday not spent on the water. It's always wonderfully hot in Barranquilla: we have no idea what this "winter" word (or concept, for that matter) means. We have dry summer and wet summer. But summer in any case. When it's cold, the temperature drops to 24°C/75 F, and we wear sweaters and jackets. But when it's warm, you might be lucky if it's only 35°C/95 F in the shade.

For Honey, this winter was cold, but ok. For me, this winter was ungodly cold.

For Honey, it's been warm since February. For me, it has not yet been warm. The highest temperature has been 24°C/75 F. Pff.

It rained today. Electrical storm and all. For Honey, it's icky and muggy and yucky and humid. And it smells weird. For me, it's a normal wet-season afternoon, and it smells like nature.

Honey will more than likely not be able to sleep tonight, because it is too warm. I, on the other hand, will close my eyes and feel like I'm in Barranquilla.

Tomato, tomahtoe.


  1. I like the sentence: "... will close my eyes and feel like I'm in Barranquilla". Este pasado sabado, la temperatura estaba sobre 95 F, como decimos nosotros, el sol prendio y yo cortando la grama de mi patio con mi tractor (al estilo gringo). Pero con unas cuantas diferencias: vistiendo pantaloneta, camiseta manga corta, y mi sobrero vueltiao.

  2. If the temperature goes above ~22°C, i start to feel uncomfortable.. and humid air gives me nothing but headache :D
    Funny how different people are..