Sunday, March 6, 2011

Little Ray of Sunshine

I've been a little unfair to Germany and the Germans lately, and for that I publicly apologise. I tend to write only when I am trapped at home due to the inclement weather (well, ok, as Cata said, Wahrnehmung is important, and gray, foggy and under 0°C is inclement to little Caribbean me). I tend to write only during these days and of course I tend to write with the mood that this type of days gets me into (OMG, please don't have Canuck read this post and accuse me forever of being the only English major in the world who finishes a sentence with a prepostion... which I technically didn't do because the sentence ends now, without a preposition). (Although, ending a sentence with "preposition" is just as bad as ending a sentence with a preposition, right?)

The sun does shine--once in a while. And when it does, I go out. I make excuses to go walking, or shopping (without Honey's knowledge or consent, because we're supposed to be saving for my birthday...); sometimes I sit in the living room with the windows open (ok, with the window open, singular; and only a little open, because though sunny, it is still around 0°C) and enjoy the sun. I baske. I breathe in the Vitamin D. I absorb every little bit of UV rays. I take it all in and feel as if a little bit of my heart and being--the ones that were  frozen during this inhumane winter--start to slowly bloom. Again, like Cata's flowers.

We actually had a nice weekend, a nice sunny weekend. The temperature rose to +7°C, and I felt at the beach. We even lowered the heating in our apartment... It seems as though this week will be nice, too. Although my iPhone is threatening with rain and sleet by mid-week. I don't trust him (my iPhone) anymore; not in terms of weather, anyway! I still love him.

I hate to admit this, but I am actually starting to see little baby-flowers all around. They are still just buds, but there is a difference. A noticeable difference. I hate to admit it because if I admit it, I'll get excited; if I get excited, I'll get disappointed: I'll get disappointed because it won't be like my summer back home (year-long summer...). But it will be spring, and then it will be summer. It's a cycle, it has to come, eventually.

And when this eventually comes around, I'll be anxious and ready. Be aware, though: I just might be one of those Europeans that we so often mock, lying naked on the grass in a public park enjoying even the tiniest little ray of sunshine.

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  1. Natal... todo estaba bien hasta que sugeriste que quiza, tal vez, maybe tú podrías ser uno de esos "lying naked on the grass in a public park"... bueno bueno bueno, si eso pasara, es bien importante que toda Europa sepa que ESO NO LO APRENDISTE EN TU CASA, ok?