Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Success in Germany takes 8 months

I would have said 9, which is more accurate, but unfortantely no one can read "9 months" and not have "baby" thoughts. So, 8 it is.

Success in Germany takes a while, in any case. And with that, I mean academic success. And also, by "success" I mean "ability to start studying in a Universiry" - I'm just implying that, not even having begun my German course, I have already finished my Ph.D. Aim for the sky, right? Ha!

I finally took the test thingy. And I did good! I think so, at least. And someone told me it's all in the mind. I know they didn't mean this precisely, but "all" means all. And I think I did good, then I did. Because me and my mind say so. I get my results on Tuesday, I register the following Thursday, and the following Monday I begin my German course. Again. But this time, I will be a University Student. See how I capitalized both words? That's how awesome I will be: I will be a university student, with itallics and capital letters. If all goes well, I should begin my Masters program in October... which is in English. Which  brings the question, why must I go through a German course for a Masters in English... well, because I live in Germany. And when in Rome, dress as the Romans do, right? 

Anyway. All is well in the world again. 


  1. Best of luck! I am sure you pass. Ich drücke dir die daumen!!

  2. Congrats to your next step in Germany. ENjoy university! Sorry: University!