Monday, March 5, 2012

A lil' pick-me-up

Whenever life seems to give nothing more than lemons, and I fail to be able to make lemonade or to pass my tequila shot with them, I talk to my mom. She doesn't always make things better, but she makes me feel better.

Whenever life is sweet and good and rosy and wonderful,  I talk to my mom. She doesn't always screw it up back to gray, but she makes me enjoy the moment and savor the experience.

Whenever -- wherever, á la Shakira, I talk to my mom. She's my lil' pick-me-up, even when I don't need pick-upping.

I suggest you call your mom right now. And if you can't, call mine.

I love you, Mami! <3


  1. Trampa...totalmente trampa hacerme llorar en el aeropuerto internacional Ernesto Cortissoz en Barranquilla. Natal, que lindo mensaje, que feedback tan oportuno a mi labor como mama... Love you and miss you a lot. Mom

    PD. Call me

    1. Yo creo que voy a empezar una campaña llamada "No haga llorar a la mamá," y mi contribución será no dejarte leer mis blogs!! Love you, mami. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Pilas que te puedo pasar cuenta de cobro... :-)