Monday, March 19, 2012

"Let the Rhythm take control"

My cousin, the dancer, was featured along with her husband in the local magazine, The Colchester Circle.

I wrote the article featuring them. Now they are both famous in Colchester, and I am an international freeelance writer for magazines. Well, I did it once... but once is enough to brag, right?

Read the whole article here. Go to page 36 to read my article about them.

Congratulations to Eddy and Goyo, and to The Latin Rhythm.

By the way, if you happen to be in Colchester, check out their salsa lessons. The will surely find your right foot, if you happen to suffer from the all-too-common "two left feet" syndrome.


  1. Bueno... creo que es hora de aprender a bailar salsa... y que mejor que Colchester cuando UNA seguramente tiene la oportunidad de conocer Manchester y demás... Me encantó.

    1. Ja ja! Espero que Eddy no lea esto!!

  2. el dia que ustedes lleguen a Ingalterra y me llamen desde Manchester van a estar en problema :) please tell the pilot to drop you straight in Colchester :)