Monday, September 19, 2011

If you want something done...

I know I shouldn't write when I'm bitter - especially when I'm bitter now, today, as I write this, and who knows when you'll read this. And then you'll think, "OMG, what a bitter person!" and that day, the day you read this, might be my most charming day. And you'll have completely missed it.

So just trust me on this one: I'm super charming.

But right now - right now, I'm kind of glad I am 8,765 km away from the people who I kinda want to hurt for being such careless, self-centered, selfish, mean, evil, stupid people.

*Whew* I feel better already.

We're all heard the phrase before, If you want something done, you have to do it yourself. I know it exists in English, Spanish, German, and some sort of version in Thai (which I, of course, can no longer pronounce). I bet you have it in your mother tongue as well (that might be interesting: write a comment on how YOU say it!). And we (or I; yes, I. I will take responsibility for myself and my silly actions) tend to just ignore it. I ignore it because it's one of those sayings, one of those sayings with everlasting and undying wisdom, but so clichéd that it is easily dismissible.

But it's true. And you know why it's true? Because no one will do something for you with as much love, care and attention as you would do it for yourself. Because only you care. Because it will benefit (or hurt) you. Because it matters to you. Because it's yours.

So let me tell you what happened... kinda. Because I want no hard feelings, so I will change places, names and events to protect STUPID PEOPLE's identities.

Someone needed something, and I was, apparently, the only one who could get that something for that someone. Actually, I was the only one who cared enough about that something, along with that someone, so that I would do it, and I would do it well. The thing is, I'm in Germany. The "something" was in the USA and the "someone" was in Colombia.

Oh, shoot. I'm doing a terrible job at changing places... Anyway.

You see, logistically, the situation was complex. But not impossible. Not impossible for me, because I cared. Because it mattered to me. Because it was important to me. So I bought the something, paid for it myself (that was before my Swiss Bank Account situation...) and asked for it to be delivered to people of my entire trust.

Those people are now the most untrustworthy people in the universe. Those people are just mean and evil and bad and irresponsible. And liars!

That was back in July this year. Because I trusted the US mailing system, and because I trusted the people, and because I knew they would fly to Colombia and give the something to the someone with no trouble, I relaxed and forgot all about it. That was entirely my fault. I will take all the blame. I am an idiot.

Today I remembered, so I sent a message to one of The People who were supposed to deliver the something to the someone. He said, "What?" And I was like, Oh, crap... And then I refreshed his memory and he said, "Oh, crap." Ha ha. Can you tell we're related? He said he did remember receiving it, but that he had no idea what that was, and that he had mailed it to his brother, in Ecuador. (Such an international something, don't you think?) I emailed his brother and he said, "What?" And I was like, Oh, crap... When I explained, he (the brother) said he had never seen nor received such a thing. I email one of The People again, and he said, "Oh, crap..." And I was like, Oh, crap... He said he'd lost it. I then asked, "Could it possibly be anywhere in your office or in your house?" He said yes, and told me to contact his other half, the other one of The People. I did. Can you guess what she said? She said, "What?" and I was like, Oh, crap... and then she proceeded to say that the something had actually never arrived.

So, which is it? Did you lose it or did you ship it to the wrong address or did it never arrive? I mean, pick   a story and stick to it. Right?

Dude, you might be thinking this "something" is either extremely big (a big huge marble statue as an anniversary gift to my parents) or extremely illegal and dangerous (an explosive device of some sort) or somehow immoral (a vibrator) or somehow embarrassing (my dirty underwear). But no. It was a manual. A plain, simple, boring, poorly translated manual that cost me $20 and that is now lost.

Lost because I didn't oversee the whole process myself. Lost because I trusted The People. Lost because when you don't do something yourself, it doesn't get done.

So now the Someone thinks I'm terribly irresponsible, is disappointed in me, and I have all the blame to bear. Which I do, I do deserve all the blame. But then again - why would Someone give such a simple task to a person living in another continent? I think Someone should share some of the blame with me.

In any case, let my disaster be a lesson for you. If you want something done, you really just gotta do it yourself.

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