Friday, May 27, 2011

Succes vs. Fail

Success: Riding my bike two days in a row to Uni and back, 8 km each way, 40 min. each way, almost flying in the down-hill path.

Fail: Riding down-hill so fast that I eat a bug.

Success: Eating a bug is like a protein-on-the-go-bar-with-wings-and-tiny-eyes.

Fail: The bug was still alive and flew out of my mouth.

Success: Being able to scratch my nose or take off my glasses or fix my hair while riding my bike. And not falling.

Fail: Being able to do that only once. The second time I lose my balance and fall. Also fail: Why do I have so many itches?!

Success: Riding down-hill (another hill) so fast that the wind blows my hair and my skirt and this half-naked-cold-freedom feels so so so good.

Fail: Riding down-hill so fast with such wind that I fall.

Success: Falling down with no cars behind, around or anywhere near me. No imminent death.

Fail: A bus filled with the German swim-team or some other team of hot, muscley, strapping men looking at me falling down. And not helping.

Success: They didn't laugh. Not that I noticed, anyway.

Fail: Having all of this happen in just one day. Before a test. And not having done my homework. And it's not even noon yet.

Success: Having the guts to do it all over again tomorrow. Also, not saying it happened to me...

Fail: Not saying it didn't...

Probable Fail: It will more than likely happen again.


  1. Two bugs struggling for life :D

    When i'm riding the down-hill part i'm always afraid of the car doors. But it happens at most two times a year because i'm too lazy for the distance. 6 km.. uh no.

  2. Success: Smiling every day on your way to school while riding your bike!

    Fail: Smiling upon arrival at a cute guy who tells you, "You got bugs in your teeth!"

    Chew fast!