Monday, August 6, 2012

First comes love, then comes marriage...

I very much appreciate the English language for providing a difference between a wedding and a marriage. I was never afraid of the marriage, because I knew I was marrying the one. I was, however, terrified of the wedding, because planing a wedding from a different continent is no easy feat. But my mom and sister were amazing, and thanks to them, and my aunt the Wedding Planner, we had a perfect wedding.

I don't quite believe in omens, but if I did, I would have to believe that a great wedding is a good omen for an awesome marriage.

Take a look at how much fun we had.

Isa, bridesmaid, and Santiago, groomsman. She flew over from Australia, and he flew over from Spain.

My sister Nini, the Maid of Honor, and Tomás, the Best Man.

Nini reading, and Honey and I checking out the ship in the background...

Our first dance, Enya's Flora's Secret.

Honey and his mom.

My dad and I.

Sarita, Honey's niece, and Alejandro, my cousin.

We had fun the whole ceremony... maybe too much fun.

We were amazed at how many people came to the ceremony - unusual by Colombian standards.

Trying not to let the setting sun hurt our eyes...

My dad welcoming his new son into the family.

Honey made the same mistake three times. I could not contain my laughter.

Our first kiss as a married couple!

Herr und Frau Hergett

"OMG I got married!"

Our court: Santiago, Isa, us, Nini, Tomás, and my cousin Mariano.

Isa, us, and her sister Katrin, who flew over from Kenya. 

My uncle (and godfather) and his family.

Honey's sister, her husband and their daughter, our flower girl.

With my parents.

With both our parents.

My parents were delighted!

With Honey's parents.

Honey's family.

Alejandro, my cousin, wanted to make sure the cake-cutting process was flawless.

Honey was searching in the wrong place for the garter...


  1. Loving all the pictures!! :)
    Congratulations again! :D
    You are welcome to stop by Norway on your honeymoon :D

    1. Thanks!!! We had a lovely time :-) We DO have to go to Norway. That is way up top on my bucket list!!!