Monday, February 13, 2012

How many drinks do you need to...

How many drinks do you need to... a snow angel at 3 am? Cero.

...speak fluent German? One. Maybe two. to House/Trance/Electro/Pop? Two. to House/Trance/Electro/Pop without getting bored or tired? Three. salsa-style to House/Trance/Electro/Pop? Four. Or cero. Who am I kidding.

...insult a girl pushing you on the dance floor? Five.

...insult her looking right into her eyes? Six.

...push a guy who is trying to hit on you on the dance floor? Seven.

...hit a guy who is still trying to hit on you on the dance floor? Seven-and-a-sip.

...yell at, hit, kick and punch said guy? Apparently seven-and-two-sips. Because then you spill your vodka-passion fruit glass. forced out of said fight and driven home? Nine. survive such an eventful night? Ten. But of water.


  1. Hahaha girl likes to pick up a fight!

    1. Did you like how I wrote "cero" in Spanish instead of "zero" in English? I felt totally bilingual in my drunken state. Because that's how I roll, bitch! Ha ha!

  2. Okay, seriously, watching you lose your temper is one of the great joys of my life. It's like poetry.

    1. I'm glad I am able to entertain you, regardless of my mental state.