Thursday, July 14, 2011

My last 23rd Birthday

It's not every day that you turn 23 for the fifth time. It is, in fact, a very special moment. It's been a long run, a nice one, but 5 times is enough. I have no idea how old I'll be next year, so I really have to make this last one special. But how? How do you make a birthday special? Is it special because you get to eat things you usually wouldn't eat? Is it special because you have "permission" to drink more than usual? Is it special because you get gifts? Well, yes. I love gifts. But is that really what makes it special?

It's only a little special because it's my first birthday in Germany. It seems as though I'm collecting birthday locations: Barranquilla, Bogotá, Miami, Augusta, Atlanta, Lampang, Rome, Madrid, Kiel... was noch?

I have a million plans, a million resolutions of sorts - but then again, I kinda suck at resolutions. The whole "I'll go to the gym more often" and "I'll eat healthier"... yeah, that's not me. And I really dislike making promises that I know I won't keep.

It's my birthday. MINE. Today, I am the favourite of my parents' children. Today, I am my sister's favourite sister. Today, I am the best student, die beste Studentin der Welt. Today, I am special. Today, everyone loves me. Today is all about me. It would be awesome if I got gifts today. I love gifts.

I have a little party planned for tonight. But I have to admit that my maturity level regarding birthdays is not higher than a 5-year-old's. I'm nervous. So nervous, in fact, that I seriously considered cancelling the party last night. I'm nervous because, what if no one comes? What if they come and they don't like what I serve? What if they come and they are bored? What if they come and they don't have fun? What if... what if... what if... Where is my mom to give me a hug and promise that all will work out well?

Everything will work out well. Right?

It's my birthday. It will be an awesome day. It will be all about me.

And tomorrow--

well, tomorrow will be another day.

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